Sep. 20, 2018

Go Fast In Hindi Free Download

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Marek, a crime squad officer, sets out to avenge the death of his partner and best friend, who was killed by drug traffickers. He asks for a posting to a new undercover unit created to ...DOWNLOAD








































Marek, a crime squad officer, sets out to avenge the death of his partner and best friend, who was killed by drug traffickers. He asks for a posting to a new undercover unit created to infiltrate a drug gang that imports hashish from Morocco using the "Go Fast" method. A fleet of high-powered speedboats and cars races across the Mediterranean to Spain and then France, loaded with drugs. GO FAST is yet another EuropaCorp films. Like most of them it has a good concept, a short running time, great character actors as leads and a lot of (predictable) fun. This time it's about a cop whose buddy gets killed by smugglers who race their product across the Franco-Spanish border in fast cars, leading him to go undercover and infiltrate them. First off, ignore the DVD cover; this is not a balls-to-the-wall explosions'n'gunfights film. Rather, it's a procedural - lots of focus on how to do things - with a bit of poetry in it. There are only three short gunfights and one car chase. But it's lovingly shot, from the grey hate of the banlieus to the grey-yellow Mediterranean, from the vivid illuminations of the car dashboard to the dim lights of empty petrol stations at night. The score is pitch perfect, a sort of quietly moody raver soundtrack that complements the driving segments. The actors don't have much in the way of character to sink their acting teeth into (there is simply no character development) but they all have great faces, even the ones without lines. There is a romance, in the last five minutes, which lets the film end on an astonishingly gentle note. No classic but not a bad way to spend 85 minutes either. I expected much more from this action packed flick in which you are not bored at all. The tale of an undercover cop, native from Algeria and the suburbs - ethnical minority in France, as the Puerto Ricans in USA - who have to infiltrate a gang of big scale and highly dangerous cannabis traders. His friend, a cop like him at the BRI - Homicide Squad, is killed at the beginning of the movie and our hero wants to avenge his death. Of course...

With predictable results and after many rebounds in the story.

Police and hoods methods are well described in the movie. How the gangsters are shipping cannabis from Morocco to Spain, aboard fast ships, and then from Spain to Paris aboard very fastcars as Audi, Porsche Cayenne or BMW. Real hunting jets. So that the cops have many more difficulties to stop them, because the astonishing speed at which they drive on the highways.

And when the widow of the killed cop - Gourmet - learns her husband's death, she is sad; but sometimes later, she seems as merry as she was at a wedding. Not the same woman at all !!!

It's a disappointing film because it's the usual good cop against the bad guys topic. The police force are TOO effective, accurate, clean, well equipped - far from the reality !!! And all in this film is TOO MUCH, TOO Politically CORRECT.

And, above all, NO SURPRISE in the ending, as I love.


But, again, you spend a good time to watch it. It's worth. Nevertheless, I'll never see it again. It's forgettable to me.


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